• Thunder over Louisville Fireworks (2015)
  • Louisville Downtown
  • Untitled
  • Sunset Gold
  • Street/Public Art Competition -- Enter by April 27!
  • Young Abraham Lincoln
  • The Caldwell Sisters Embrace on a Spring Day

...is an organization dedicated to advancing photographic expression.  As a means to further this goal, the PhotoForum meets regularly for the purposes of sharing the experiences of members in achieving these objectives.

Founded in 1995

...by a small group of inquisitive and talented photographers from the Louisville metropolitan area, the PhotoForum is a diverse group from many different  origins and professions, all engaged in a common photographic endeavor -- we work mutually to extend our photographic skills.

Our members

...possess a broad range of photographic abilities and specialties.  Some members use point-and-shoot cameras, some have elaborate cutting-edge digital SLR systems, and others use film and traditional medium- or  large-format cameras. Most of our members are amateurs.

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Whatever your photographic equipment or abilities, you will find ways to improve your photography at The PhotoForum.


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