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ABC Contest, Members were given the challenge to photograph items beginning with each letter of the alphabet. They were judged by Creativity and Technique. Special thanks to our Judges, Roy Rubeli, Ron Moser and David Ames.
Letter A
A001 - American Robin (Deborah) WINNER - A002 - Ant (Barb) A003 - Allium (Mary) A004 - Apples (Paula)
A005 - Aarow (John) A006 - Australian Shepherd (Leigh)    

Letter B
B001 - Bird (Leigh) B002 - Bold Jumping Spider (Deborah) B003 - Banana and Ball (Barb) B004 - Buttons (Mary)
WINNER - B005 - Buck (Bill) B006 - Basket B007 - Biscuits (John)  

Letter C
C001 - Cows (Leigh) C002 - Coleus (Mary) C003 - Canada Anemone (Deborah) C004 - Cardinal (Paula)
C005 - Clock (John) WINNER - C006 - Chain (Barb)    

Letter D
D001 - Dog (Paula) WINNER (TIE) - D002 - Dolls (Mary) WINNER (TIE) - D003 - Deer (Leigh) D004 - Dog Briar Rose (Deborah)
D005 - Duck (John) D006 - Dumpster (Barb)    

Letter E
WINNER - E001 - Egg (Mary) E002 - Empty (Paula) E003 - Eggs (Leigh) E004 - Egg (Dove)(Barb)
E005 - Eastern Cottontail (Deborah) E006 - Emblem (John)    

Letter F
F001 - Four Leaf Clover (Deborah) F002 - Frog (Leigh) F003 - Fringe (Mary) WINNER - F004 - Fence (Paula)
F005 - Foot (John) F006 - Fish (Barb) F007 - Feet (Bill)  

Letter G
G001 - Globe (Paula) G002 - Goldfinch (Deborah) WINNER - G003 - Grasses (Leigh) G004 - Geode (Mary)
G005 - Gardening Glove (Barb)      

Letter H
WINNER (TIE) - H001 - Hosta (Paula) H002 - Hyacinth (Barb) WINNER (TIE) - H003 - Hoverfly (Deborah) H004 - Helicopter (Mary)
H005 - High (John) H006 - Horse (Leigh)    

Letter I
WINNER - I001 - Ivy (Barb) I002 - Iris (Mary) I003 - Ice (Paula) I004 - Iceplant (Deborah)
I005 - Icing (John)      

Letter J
J001 - Jar (Paula) WINNER - J002 - Jungle Gym (Barb) J003 - Jigsaw Puzzle (Leigh) J004 - Jars (Mary)
J005 - Japanese Honeysuckle (Deborah) J006 - John Deere (John)    

Letter K
WINNER (TIE) - K001 - Kong Coleus (Deborah) WINNER (TIE) - K002 - Knuckles (Paula) K003 - Knife (Mary) WINNER - K004 - Key (Barb)

Letter L
L001 - Love (Paula) L002 - Lavender (Deborah) WINNER - L003 - Leaves (Leigh) L004 - Lillies (Mary)
L005 - Loaf (John) L006 - Lilacs (Barb)    

Letter M
WINNER - M001 - Maple (Leigh) M002 - Mask (Paula) M003 - Multiflora Rose (Deborah) M004 - Mushroom (Barb)
M005 - Mobile (Mary) M006 - Muffins (John)    

Letter N
N001 - Nest (Barb) N002 - No (Paula) N003 - Nutmeg (Mary) N004 - Northern Mockingbird (Deborah)
N005 - Nest (Leigh) N006 - Number (Bill) WINNER - N007 - Nesting (John)  

Letter O
WINNER (TIE) - O001 - Olive (Mary) O002 - Osprey (Paula) O003 - Owl (Barb) O004 - Oval (John)
WINNER (TIE) - O005 - Orange Daylilly (Deborah)      

Letter P
P001 - Philadelphia Fleabane (Deborah) WINNER - P002 - Pinecones (Paula) P003 - Peppermill (Mary) P004 - Pie (John)
P005 - Portapotty (Barb)      

Letter Q
Q001 - Quick (Paula) Q002 - Queen Anne's Lace (Deborah) Q003 - Quinoa (Barb) WINNER - Q004 - Quilt (Mary)
Q005 - Queen Anne's Lace (Leigh)      

Letter R
WINNER - R001 - Rose (Paula) R002 - Racoon (Mary) R003 - Red Clover (Deborah) R004 - Raindrops on Roses (Barb)
R005 - Refraction (John)      

Letter S
S001 - Stables (Paula) WINNER - S002 - Spoon (Mary) S003 - Smile (John) S004 - Spanish Dagger (Deborah)
S005 - Sign (Barb)      

Letter T
T001 - Table (Paula) WINNER - T002 - Tulip (Barb) T003 - Turtle (Leigh) T004 - Teapot (Mary)
T005 - Thistle (Deborah) T006 - Thermometers (John)    

Letter U
U001 - Unbuttoned (Deborah) U002 - Umbrella (Paula) WINNER - U003 - Uniform (Mary) U004 - Urn (Barb)

Letter V
V001 - Vice (Paula) V002 - Vinca (Deborah) V003 - Violet (Barb) WINNER - V004 - Vases (Mary)

Letter W
WINNER - W001 - Wheat (Leigh) W002 - Watch (Mary) W003 - Water (Deborah) W004 - Window (Paula)
W005 - Woven (John) W006 - Worm (Barb)    

Letter X
WINNER (TIE) - X001 - Xyzal (Leigh) X002 - Xyzal (Mary) WINNER (TIE) - X003 - Xavier (Barb) X004 - Xanthic (Deborah)
X005 - Xerox (Paula)      

Letter Y
Y001 - Yellow (Barb) Y002 - Yellow Yarn (Paula) WINNER - Y003 - Yarn (Mary) Y004 - Yard (John)
Y005 - Yellow Wood Sorrel (Deborah)      

Letter Z
WINNER (TIE) - Z001 - Zinnia (Deborah) Z002 - Zipper (Mary) Z003 - Zipper (Paula) WINNER (TIE) - Z004 - Zinnia (Barb)
Congratulations to all winners! Mary was the overall points winner! Members who were able to complete the alphabet challenge were Barb, Deborah, Mary and Paula.

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